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Where are my blinds made?

If it's important for you to know where we make our products, or where they're made for us, this is what you may like to know.

Roller and Vertical blinds - we make these at our main factory site. We buy the hardware (extrusion, brackets, roller tubes, bottom rails, all working and ancillary components etc) from Benthin, a supplier based in Germany. We use this supplier because they have a huge reputation for quality and innovation. All their systems are extensively tested and our experience over many years is that this suppliers products never let us down. Some related products, such as Vision blinds, are sourced from a UK supplier based in Manchester.

Pleated and Honeycomb blinds - we make these at our second factory in Essex, and again, for reasons of quality control, we source all components and almost all of our fabrics from another German supplier, Blocker of Germany. The brand we deal with is known as 'Cosiflor' and is recognised as probably the foremost and most innovative supplier of pleated and cellular products.

Shutters - the very best value and now the best quality plantation shutters are sourced directly from China. For many years they have been refining and improving their manufacture, to the extent that it now seems nowhere else can produce shutters of such quality. We do now however, have an alternative supplier that is making Faux Wood shutters at their Birmingham factory. The main reason we sourced this alternative supplier, is as a direct result of the Corona Virus issues, so we wanted to have access to shutters that were available to us in a few weeks, rather than the extended 12 + weeks we have to wait when buying in China. Sometimes we (you!?) just cannot wait!

Our Chinese supplier has a reputation for quality as well as an impressive history in employee retention (which is not always the case) so we're very happy to be using them.

Awnings - We've tried a few manufacturers in our time but none have surpassed our current supplier - Weinor of Germany. As well as recognising that their range of products and service levels are above and beyond what any alternative supplier offers, no other Company offers a 10 Year Warranty on its 'Long-life' folding arms. We love their products and can't see any other producer getting close to what they do for us.

Venetian Blinds - We used to make these ourselves in our factory, but the market and fashion fell out of love with the humble aluminium version, and the trend saw wooden venetian take over sales. Here's where the Chinese producers again swept in and were able to produce vast quantities of these which drove the market away from home production. Many are still bespoke, but more blinds than ever are 'cut to size' and represent greater value which is what the marketplace needs. Our aluminium blinds are now made by a supplier of ours in Kent, with whom we have a long standing relationship. 

Fabrics - generally these are all sourced from Germany and the UK. 

We will only deal with suppliers that that have a similar philosophy to us, that is one of quality and responsibility. We maintain open and honest relationships with our suppliers because over the years we've seen that conducting our business in this manner leads to better working relationships.

All we want to do is provide our customers with the best quality products possible, at a fair and reasonable price, that allows us to progress and to support, satisfy and retain our customers for years to come.

Nantmor Blinds - we measure, we make, we design, we install. For 38 years nobody's done it better


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