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Are shutters expensive?

This is a question not everyone wants to answer...
Compared to a simple roller blind, yes. Less so if compared to a motorised Alexa activated bespoke motorised and interlined Roman blind. Or a beautiful pair of curtains.
If you look at comparing a bespoke installed shutter to a wooden venetian blind, the shutters can work out about 3 or 4 times more costly. 

This may sound a lot, but consider this -

- Many blinds are replaced after say 5 to 7 years
- Shutters will likely stay in position for ever, and stay in the home when sold
- The kerbside appeal of plantation shutters in the front of a property cannot be denied!
- Shutters take considerably longer to survey and install correctly
- Most blinds will suffer with wear and tear over time - much less so for a shutter
- Plantation shutters are more like a form of fitted furniture in your windows.

We hope this helps answer the question “are shutters expensive”. If you need any more info, a free quote or some design advice, speak to us or your local supplier.

One small word of warning - always ensure you know what material the shutters are made from. There are many choices available now, but not all types are suitable for all rooms.

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