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How much do awnings cost?

An ‘off the shelf’ ready-made awning can cost between about £150 and £500. A bespoke made to measure unit can cost between £2000 and £7000, depending massively on size, spec, methods of operation, extras and so on.

Buying an awning is a little like buying a car. You can spend £500 on eBay, or you could spend up to £150,000 from an Italian or German manufacturers showroom. They’re both likely to get you down to Dover for a European road trip. Maybe it depends on what you want to do once you get there that determines which would be better suited to you!
There are plenty of awnings now made in the Far East, with minimal paint thickness, thin nylon fabric, cheap as chips gearboxes and a seriously limited lifespan. BUT, let’s be fair - if you only need an awning for a year or two, then a few hundred £’s will represent fair value.
If you want long term peace of mind, impressive designs in high quality acrylic or polyester fabrics that prevent glare and stop UV light (and prevent sunburn) and a Warranty of up to 10 Years, then the German awning maker Weinor is where we all need to be.
The Weinor awnings we deal with have a massive choice of fabrics, a clever rain gutter system, a choice of 56 frame colours and an option list any car maker would be envious over. All the fixings within these awning are stainless steel - really critical if you’re on the coast.
You can have remote control, auto control, app control, dimmable LED spot lights, drop down valances for extra shade or privacy, side screens... the list goes on. But, if simple is how you prefer it - that’s not an issue either.
Always ask to look closely at the way the awning is made - look at how the springs are attached around the elbow joint. Look at the paint thickness on the hardware.
Always ensure you look at the sky through the fabric sample - does it glare? If the sun appears to be bright then the fabric isn’t thick enough and it won’t last long in the UK either.
And make sure you look at how thick the aluminium extrusions are - thin aluminium is cheap, and will corrode.


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