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Autumn 2020 - and Dulux colour of the year 2021

Dulux have announced Brave Ground as their Colour of the Year 2021.

Dulux describe their Colour of the Year as key because it reflects the mood of the moment. Brave Ground is set to have a global impact on home interiors. Nantmor Blinds has all you need to know about the new Colour of the Year 2021 and how to use this neutral hue to set the tone within your home.

Brave Ground is a bolstering shade that connects us back to nature and the simpler things in life. The colour is made up of warm, earthy tones that create the feeling of stability, growth and potential. Brave Ground is a versatile colour that can combined with many different colours. This colour can either be the statement colour of an interior look or used as strong foundation colour that will allow other shades to shine. (and, can you tell that this piece was written by a Designer!? ; ) )

Combine Colour of the Year 2021 with classic neutral tones 

Combine colour of the year 2021 with classic neutral tones for a timeless interior look. Neutral colour tones can be used in both a traditional and modern way making them the most popular choice of colour within the home, their versatility makes them the perfect backdrop for any location. When creating a timeless neutral look, Brave Ground can either be the statement colour or as a strong complementary tone.

'Palette Biscotti' roller blind fabric.

Be adventurous with your interior colours 

2021 could be the year to be more adventurous with your interior colours, mixing warmer shades of reds with it will be sure to make your room stand out. These colours together give a modern and luxurious feel. Combine these tones with modern furnishings or graphic patterns for that ultimate WOW look.

Grab a tester pot from your DIY paint supplier, nip into our lovely showroom and select some fabrics, we'll sort them and send them out for you to create a sample or mood board - just like the designers do! Easypeasy.


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