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Improve your home security with a camera

At Nantmor Blinds & Shutters in Essex, we provide surveillance systems with wi-fi cameras on a supply and install basis.

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Benefits of Somfy smart security cameras

Assured privacy

Your own privacy is assured because the motorised privacy shutter on the Somfy Indoor Camera prevents filming when you're at home.

An effective deterrent

If unauthorised access is attempted, the Somfy Indoor Camera can trigger your alarm system.

HD video quality

The Indoor Camera has:

  • Full HD video
  • A 130° wide-angle lens
  • 8X numerical zoom
  • Night vision
  • Motion detector
  • Pet and animal immunity

Remote monitoring of your home

Check up on your home

When you are not at your home, you can still monitor it to ensure all is well. As an optional service, you can navigate up to 30 days into the past via the timeline.

Ease of control

Control of your smart home security system is made easy with your smartphone. You can view live video feeds, control your cameras and speak with others (such as visitors) in real time.

Save your video footage

Not only can your camera system detect intrusion and set off alarms, it can also provide you with video footage which is downloadable via the mobile app.

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Somfy security camera

Choice of indoor camera

Are you looking for security cameras?

Deciding whether to buy an indoor security camera needn’t be hard, especially when we are on hand to give you our professional advice.

At Nantmor Blinds & Shutters in Essex, we supply the Somfy Indoor Camera, which comes with a number of features including night vision, wide-angle camera, motion detection capabilities and more.

The camera system will be professionally fitted and connected to your wi-fi and can be mounted on your wall.

As part of your smart home system, a surveillance camera may make a significant difference to your home security.

Smart alarms

In addition to cameras, Nantmor Blinds & Shutters in Essex also supplies Somfy smart home alarms for added protection in your property.

Why get a smart alarm?

Simple control

It’s easy to control your alarm using remote control, indoor keypads, or via Somfy’s Protect app or TaHoma® system.

Burglar deterrent

Vibration sensors attached to your alarm help ensure burglars are detected before they gain access to your home, which can act as an effective deterrent. Add to that a smart blind system linked up to the sensors, which activate your blinds (and possibly your lights) to give the impression you are home, and you increase the chances that a burglar won’t even try to get in.

Customisable alarms

The alarm systems we use are easy to customise with sirens, smoke detectors, cameras and more. Get in touch with Nantmor Blinds & Shutters in Essex for more details.

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Be confident your home is secure

Off-premises control

When you are away from home, you can still activate or deactivate your alarm system remotely via your smartphone.

Get notifications

If your alarm system detects something unusual, it can send you a notification or real-time alert, enabling you to react immediately.

Program your alarm

Whatever your schedule, you can adapt your alarm system to suit by programming it to activate or deactivate accordingly.

We'll help you choose your alarm system

Advice on smart alarms

If you have any questions about the effectiveness of the alarm systems we supply, or the features of the alarms, we’re more than happy to give you the benefit of our knowledge and experience.

We can also advise you on voice assistants and electric blinds.

Contact Nantmor Blinds & Shutters in Essex today to speak with a member of our team.

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Controlling your security systems

3 ways to maximise device control

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