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Did someone mention 'BLACK FRIDAY?'

This is our pre Christmas, post Lockdown, pre Sale, mid-Covid, pre Vaccine Promotion!

Nantmor Black Friday Event

We're all a bit fed up with this lock-down misery - so we want to talk more about the NEW HOPE, our BRIGHTER future, and CELEBRATE that it's really near to Christmas and a hope (and Vaccine!?) filled NEW YEAR!

Just make contact with us between Monday 23th November to Monday 30th November and make a time for us to call and give you a free (SAFE!) design visit and quote. 

Provided you make contact with us over this period, and you mention Black Friday, any order will be priced at our January 2020 Sale prices - that's a genuine 15% to 25% off MRP!

Fill out the form, be sure to mention Black Friday, and we'll get back to you and ensure any price we quote is from our January SALE!

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Thanks for filling out the form. We will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

Vertical Louvres
Roller Blinds
Vision blinds

Venetian blinds
(Wood and metal)
Pleated blinds
Honeycomb blinds

Shutters - Lawford, Bergholt and Bromley ranges


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