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Somfy voice assistance on wooden sideboard in living room with teal walls and indoor plants next to the speaker

Voice Control Blinds

Communication and action with a smart speaker


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About Somfy voice control

Introducing the smart speaker

A smart speaker reacts to and understands spoken requests and with the right equipment, it can activate and control various home appliances, including your electric blinds.

At Nantmor Blinds & Shutters in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, we utilise Somfy products, including the TaHoma® home automation box, which enables control of your electric blinds, as well as ensuring your Somfy electric blind motors and other products are compatible with smart speaker systems such as Alexa or Google Assistant.

Round Google Nest mini speaker in light grey

Control with Google Home

When it comes to Google smart speakers, you may have one of the following: Google Home, Google Home Mini or Google Home Audio.

Whichever one you use, with our help your smart home system can include voice control blinds and more.

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It's as simple as saying:

"Ok Google, close the blinds."

Control with Amazon Alexa

Another excellent smart speaker is Amazon Alexa. As with Google Home, it can interact with your electric voice control blinds via the Somfy TaHoma® home automation box. You can program your scene commands using the TaHoma® app, then you’ll be all set to issue voice commands that give you full control of your electric blinds (fitted with Somfy motors). An example command is:

"Alexa, run the wake-up scene!"

Amazon echo on wooden table
Close-up of white iPhone unlocked on table

Smartphone control

A smartphone is the alternative to a smart speaker, since it does the same thing. If you have an android phone, you can utilise Google’s voice assistance functionality.

As with the Google Home smart speaker, the activation command on Android phones is:

"OK Google."


Using your smart speaker

Tahoma Switch ambience speaker with Somfy

Speak the activation command words for your smart speaker device:

Google Home:
"OK Google"

Amazon Echo:

Young woman pressing speak to connect blinds to smart home

The specific action to be taken should be stated.


 The intended device name should also be clearly indicated:

"Alexa, open the kitchen blinds.

Young mum holding new born in kitchen, pressing speaker

In addition to single actions, you can also configure scenes to activate various devices: 

"OK Google, run the morning breakfast scene."

Hive blackout concrete trad bedroom blinds
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Add a voice control system to improve the operation of your electric blinds, with the help of Nantmor Blinds & Shutters in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex.

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