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Smart electric blinds

Voice commands, natural light and privacy control


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Giving you greater control of your home

The thought of having electric blinds conjures up ideas of ease, simplicity, style and efficiency. Electric blinds can certainly add a degree of comfort to any household, and smart blinds ensure optimised lighting and heating at all times. You can also have voice assistance to ensure a smarter homeContact Nantmor Blinds & Shutters for more information about our services and the Somfy products we use.

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4 great reasons to choose electric blinds

Soft, constant natural light

Maintaining a balance between artificial and natural light is easy with electric window blinds. They open and close silently and efficiently, enabling you to see outside or increase your privacy as required, and when automated they can still activate whether you are at home or away (which may act as a security deterrent).

Voice activation

With voice command functionality, gone are the days where you need to rely on cords or chains to open and close your blinds. Instead, your blinds react to the sound of your voice and specific activation words, enabling pre-set scenes to come into function such as movie session mode to completely close your blinds, or minimal daylight mode for just a hint of natural light – whatever you choose, really.

Indoor comfort management

Temperature management is another benefit of automatic blinds. During the summer, when the temperature inside your home exceeds 25°C, your smart blinds will be activated to prevent the room getting hotter, thereby looking after you and of course your indoor plants. Similarly, in the winter months, your blinds will automatically open to enable all available sunlight to flood in, thereby heating your home and helping with energy costs.

Increased privacy

Automatically engage your privacy settings and your electric blinds will spring into action, enabling you and your family, friends or acquaintances to dine, entertain or relax in peace and privacy.

Choosing smart blinds to suit your needs

Find the right blinds to complement your lifestyle

At Nantmor Blinds & Shutters, you can select from different blinds, whether standard options or custom-made. Depending on your specific need, there are several light filtering options, so if you want to completely blackout your room, we can do it for you, or if you want something a little more subtle we can also help.


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We also deal with smart home systems, plus internal cameras and alarm systems.

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Control your smart electric blinds

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