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Smart home technology made simple

Voice assistant control


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Efficient and easy automated technology

Automated electric shutters, blinds or awnings provide light and temperature control that's easy to activate and use. Contact Nantmor Blinds & Shutters in Essex today for more information and advice.

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Why make your home smart?

Convenient control options

Your automated devices are easily turned on and off with a touch of a screen or by using a voice assistant.

Smart home devices, such as blinds and awnings can be closed or opened according to your needs, at any time of the day, when you leave your house and when you return.

You can also interact with your automated devices using your smartphone at a distance.

Energy efficient properties

The energy efficiency of your home can be greatly improved by the presence of a smart home system.

Your electric blinds and shutters can be programmed to detect changes in temperature and can react by opening or closing to conserve heat or maintain a relatively constant room temperature.

This means there is less of a need to turn on the air conditioner, and household objects such as furniture and plants can be protected from direct sunlight.

Remote checking and controlling

The Somfy TaHoma® app can be used to check up on the status of your automated devices. If your blinds are open when you should have really closed them before leaving your home, you can activate the automated closing motor from another location beyond your property.

Protective qualities

The smart home functionality that we offer includes a presence simulation to make it look like somebody is home even when they are not. This is great as a deterrent against unauthorised entry. Even by simply closing the blinds remotely, it can give the impression your house is occupied.

A smart home adapted to your needs

Introducing the Somfy TaHoma®

The Somfy TaHoma® can be connected to nearly 300 different types of home devices, including electric blinds.

At Nantmor Blinds & Shutters in Essex, we utilise Somfy products for reliability and quality of function.

The TaHoma® system is compatible with Alexa and Google voice assistants, enabling your automated devices to be activated with a few words.

Details & technical specifications

Tahoma switch. Technical specifications: • Article number: 1870600 • Radio frequency: 868-870 MHz and 433.42 MHz • Technology: io-homecontrol, RTS and Zigbee 3.0 • Connections: 1 x Micro-USB • Current: 230 V / 5V DC 1 A • Enclosure class: IP30 • Range: 200 meters open field • Working temperature: 0 ° C to + 50 ° C • Dimensions: 162 x 67.5 x 34 mm • Weight: 213 g • Color: White • Location: Indoor • Other: LED (red / green / orange / white). • Miscellaneous: Two physical control buttons at the top of scenes. Maximum number of connected products: 200 pcs (total, all technologies) io-homecontrol: 200 pcs RTS: 50 pcs Zigbee: 50 pcs Sensors / alarm sensors (Somfy): 50 pcs Cameras: 5 pcs Scenario player (Somfy): 20 pcs Maximum number of scenes: 40 Philips Hue: 1 Bridge (gateway) 50 Hue products

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A smart home for peace of mind

Nantmor Blinds & Shutters uses top quality Somfy devices

Smart home technology has become easy to use, effective and affordable. Not only that, it also gives the home owner peace of mind that the functionality of their blinds and other devices are taken care of in a simple way that allows activation at home or at a distance.

A centralised control system and a dedicated app makes it easy for you to check the activity and status of your automated devices and allows you to adjust them according to your preferences.

Contact Nantmor Blinds & Shutters in Essex today.

Controlling your smart home

3 main ways to activate your devices

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