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Terrace & Outdoor Solutions

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Terrace awnings and automated outdoor solutions

Easy awning control


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Electric Awnings

An electric awning is an easy way to add shelter to your terrace. At Nantmor Blinds & Shutters in Essex, we can provide you with everything you need. We supply and install Somfy electric awnings, providing you with great quality at affordable prices.

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4 great reasons to choose electric patio awnings

Cool interiors

A retractable awning ensures that in the summer months, your furniture and plants can be protected from the sun it helps your house to stay cool.

Control at a distance

If the terrace terrace awning is left open when you go out and bad weather ensues, it won’t be necessary to return home to close it when you can do so from your smartphone with a single tap of the screen.

Voice activation

No need to get up, simply vocalise your request for the patio awning to be opened or closed and let your smart speaker do the rest. You can program various scene settings to create the perfect ambience to suit any occasion or weather condition.

Sun sensor for continuous comfort

When the sun gets too hot, your electric awning’s sun sensor will adapt by opening or closing to maintain the required temperature on your terrace, ensuring continuous comfort however hot it gets outside.

We'll help you choose the perfect electric awning

A wide range of Somfy electric motors

Choosing the right electric motor for your awning can be easy with the help of Nantmor Blinds & Shutters in Essex. We have a range of Somfy motors that are perfect for different types of manual awnings.

The various motors have different properties making them suitable for specific areas of application, and we can advise you on the best one to suit you and your awning.

Contact our team and we’ll discuss your requirements. We also have great expertise in smart home installations, plus cameras and alarms.

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Electric conservatory blinds

We supply Somfy electric conservatory blinds, for that stylish touch, daylight control and all-year-round comfort.

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3 excellent reasons for having automated patios, conservatories or sunrooms

Voice command functionality

Voice command systems ensure your electric shutters can be activated and controlled with great ease and simplicity.

Maintain comfort

Sensors ensure your conservatory is always at the best temperature possible, whatever the time of year, by opening the blinds to let the heat of the sun in on cold winter days or closing them to prevent too much heat, especially in the summer months.

Increased home security

An automated conservatory with a built-in alarm system, plus electric shutters, can act as a deterrent against any would-be burglar. A smart system significantly reduces the risk of any break-in attempt, and in the event of unauthorised access the alarm is duly raised!

Choice of electric conservatory blinds

Sun protection for patios, conservatories and sunrooms

The experts at Nantmor Blinds & Shutters in Essex are always on hand to provide you with good advice. If you’re unsure what electric conservatory blind option to choose, we can help you.

Whether you need outdoor sun protection or indoor blinds for the control of temperature and daylight access, you can be sure that the Somfy products we use are up to the task.

An automated system makes even those out of reach blinds a pleasure to use.

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What are the methods of control?

There are 3 main ways of controlling your devices with TaHoma®

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For terrace and outdoor solutions, including electric awnings, choose Nantmor Blinds & Shutters Ltd in Essex.