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Roller blind in bathroom

Trade Roller & Vision Blinds

Quality roller blind systems, made using only the finest components by Nantmor Blinds in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex.

Palette roller blind in vanilla colour in living room

Standard Rollers

The Nantmor Roller Blind collection is the perfect mix of eclectic, exciting fabrics, combined with a truly comprehensive range of hardware. Renowned for their quality, our roller blinds can be manufactured up to 4m wide and 4m drop (dependent on fabric), using a variety of tubing ranging from 29mm right up to 65mm in diameter.

We can manufacture blinds with cassettes, side guide wires or side channels. Control options include chain, gear/crank and electric operation - which includes our tried and tested battery-operated, remote-controlled motors, altogether resulting in the perfect roller blind to compliment any window.

Nantmor Roller Blinds are supplied with either our top-quality Benthin German sidewinder mechanisms and hardware as standard, or the Louvolite System if you’d prefer.

Our many systems can cater for blinds up to 4000mm wide, and come with white hardware, components and chain as standard. Coloured components / chain etc. are also available - dependent on system. Metal operating chain is also available as an option.

Heavy Duty Rollers

Large Roller Blinds put heavy demands on the hardware system. When you choose the Nantmor Large Roller System, you are selecting a top-quality system that won't let you down. The system has been designed to cater for blinds up to 16m square (certain fabrics only), and has the necessary strength to carry heavy fabrics.


We offer a huge range of fabrics from all major suppliers including Louvolite, Eclipse, Decora, Arena and New House Textiles amongst many others.


Both open and closed cassettes are available, with options of ‘open’, ‘70mm full fascia’ and ‘rounded closed cassette’.

Bottom Bars

On standard system Roller Blinds, for a neat finish we use fabric covered teardrop shaped bottom bars wherever possible. Bottom bars can also be supplied in a contrasting fabric if desired. Other options include round external aluminium bar, external aluminium ‘D’ bar, Gemini external profiled bar, or our heavy duty ‘keyhole’ bar.

Close-up of heavy duty rollers


As a finishing touch, we offer a number of scallop finishes including; Classic, Colonial, Coronet, Provence, Ritz (inc. standard braid) Apex, Arch, Castille, Quad (inc. wooden pole and finials – metal pole available as an option)

Colonade, Parapet, Temple (inc. wooden pole and finials – metal pole available as an option)

Various images of scallops finishes

Premium Poles

Various images of premium poles

Wooden Poles & Finials

Various images of wooden poles
Close-up of battery powered rollers

Battery powered Roller Motors

All Nantmor Battery-Powered Roller Motors have built-in/embedded rechargeable 12v Li-Ion batteries which will require re-charging once or twice a year depending on usage of the blind. A solar panel can be added to directly charge the batteries.

They provide an easy and cost-effective solution for the motorisation of small to medium sized blinds with no need to run wiring or employ an electrician to connect the blinds to mains power.


Nantmor Mains Roller Motors are generally more powerful and suitable for larger blinds or situations where a 240V power supply has been installed to power them. The mains power provides a continuous supply of power to the motor, so there is no need to re-charge them as with Battery motors.

These motors may be more suitable for blinds that are high up or hard to reach where re-charging could be a problem.


Roller Blind motors are operated by radio remote control - either from a handset or a fixed wall switch. There is a large range of options when it comes to controls including single or multi channel handsets, timers and even heat and light sensors.

Blinds can also be controlled from an app on your phone and even by Voice Activation with Google Home or Alexa when used in conjunction with a Home Hub - there are various hubs available depending on the motor selection.

Vision Blinds

Vision is an innovative window blind that features two layers of translucent and opaque horizontal striped fabric.

Vision is an innovative window blind that features two layers of translucent and opaque horizontal striped fabric.

The front layer moves independently of the back allowing the stripes to glide over each other creating an open and closed effect with fantastic light control.

Vision combines the ideal balance of privacy and light control with the fashionable, eye catching trend of bold stripes and colour blocking. A Vision blind will also roll up into an attractive open cassette to allow an uninterrupted view to the outside.

Unless specified, Nantmor Vision Blinds will be manufactured to finished blind size, with white hardware. They will have right-hand chain control and be supplied with Top Fix brackets as standard (Face Fix brackets available on request). Vision is supplied with a white powder coated, aluminium open cassette as standard. A fabric insert to match or co-ordinate with the blind material is also supplied as standard.

Close-up of red Capri colour chart and blinds
Cassettes close-up


Fabric Inserts

Matching fabric insert to the front of  the top cassette comes as standard.

For a contrasting fabric insert to cassette front (any fabric from our LL Window Shading Roller Collection)

Metal Operating Chain

Metal operating chains are available as an option.

Due to their operation it is not possible to make vision blinds with metal chain and breakaway connectors. If metal chain is requested it will be supplied as a fixed loop with a child safety retainer.

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An open cassette with front rolled fabric is standard for our Vision blinds. Rounded closed cassettes are not possible for this type of blind.

Unfortunately, Vision Blinds cannot be made with several blinds in a single cassette for technical reasons

White, Black or Anthracite Open Cassette colours are available at standard cost.

Additional Cassette / Hardware colours available as options: Beige, Satin, Bronze, Chrome or Grey.


Battery Motor operation is also possible for Vision Blinds. Contact us for the various options.

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Blind manufacturing
Roller blind manufacturing
Packaged blinds
Packaged blinds
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What to know more about any of our vertical blind range? Speak to one of our experienced team on 01255 475044 or fill out the trade enquiry form and we’ll call you back.

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