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Temporary Blinds

In all our years it's been rare that we’ve been asked for temporary blinds. I suppose that’s because when a customer has a real need for something urgently we’ve been able to step up, and get the blinds manufactured urgently.

What’s changed? - well over the last few years we’ve found ourselves supplying and installing plantation shutters. And lots of them. As a rule these are at the front of a property. In addition, the best wooden shutters are made in the Far East, and the shipping times can extend deliveries to 10 to 12 weeks at peak.

Nobody likes to be on view to their neighbours (or other less welcome snoopers) and neither does anyone relish the thought of being woken by blazing sunshine at daybreak. Every day. And at the weekend. And don’t mention the glare from low sun especially during Wimbledon.

In short, we can see the need for a form of temporary window covering that is easy to install and remove, will offer an acceptable degree of control, and can easily be removed when your blinds or shutters are ready.

The 'Temposhade' blinds that we use are super easy to fit - just cut to size with scissors, or overlap for wider windows, stick to the frame and it’s ‘job done’.  There are 2 colours available - white for light filtering, and black for dim-out effect. (We prefer the white as they look best and are perfectly acceptable for sleeping)

They’re provided with clips to hold the blinds in position, and couldn’t be simpler to use. Each blind is 890mm wide, and will drop to about 1800mm.

We also like that they're made from a form of high strength paper, and can be re-used and recycled. If you’re ordering blinds or shutters from us, we’ll even supply them to you free of charge, with our compliments. Just ensure you speak to us when you order!

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