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Where are shutters made?

The best value and now the very best quality plantation shutters are sourced directly from China. For many years they have been refining and improving their manufacture, to the extent that it now seems nowhere else can produce shutters of such quality.

Having said this, as of April 2020 we do now however, have an alternative supplier that is making Faux Wood shutters at their Birmingham factory. The main reason we sourced this alternative supplier, is as a direct result of the Corona Virus issues, and we wanted to have access to shutters that were available to us in a few weeks, rather than the extended 12 + weeks we have to wait when buying in China. Sometimes we (you!?) just cannot wait!

Our Chinese supplier has a reputation for quality as well as an impressive history in employee relations and retention (which is not always the case, regrettably) so we're very happy to be using them.

Our UK based Importers visit the manufacturers many times a Year to ensure that all Quality Control is up to our exacting standards, and to ensure there are no breaches in fair trading standards or that there's no child labour being used for the manufacture of our products.
The general working standards are high at our shutter manufacturer and there are over 500 employees there with 95% of them residing in the city closest to the factory premises. This means that we don’t have to rely on migrant workers which is a big benefit in China and is standard practice for most manufacturing companies. The business is located in Shandong province which is known as the Wood Supply province of China.

The spraying and sanding operations are very well maintained with an almost car showroom cleanliness in the spraying and panel hanging sections of the factory. Masks are worn at all times in the sanding sections and we have industrial extractors working consistently to ensure there is minimal if any dust circulation in the air.


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