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What's the best awning?

The best awning for you will depend on the type of building you’re wanting it fixed on. Essentially there is ONE BIG GOLDEN RULE with awnings - NEVER have an awning that can’t be properly installed.
To be installed correctly there must be enough wall or ‘weight’ above the fixing point to ensure the fixing doesn’t move or lose its integrity. You'll need at least 3 or 4 courses of brickwork for sure.

An awning can exert a massive amount of force upon its fixing point. Think of this simple analogy - imagine cutting a slot in your brickwork/wall, inserting the flattened end of a 2.5m long scaffold pole into this and push, pull and wobble that around for several hours at a time over an extended period of time - there’s no doubt that you’ll loosen the mortar and brickwork, and in the case of an average size awning, the weight of an awning on top of the family or business visitors below it doesn’t bear thinking about.
So, what do we do? We use an epoxy-resin or ‘Chem-fix’ solution that enables us to fix the threaded studs that we bolt the awning brackets to, so they will never move. Under almost any circumstances. We have never ever had an awning loosen off, or fall out, and we never intend that to happen.
This type of installation is also particularly suited to rendered block-work, as expansion type fixings just aren’t suitable here.

Most importantly, the blind type or model is critical. The type of fixing brackets your awning will need, must be installed in the appropriate position to ensure the stresses imparted to the fixing through the brackets in not excessive. This is structural engineering!

We have models that are best suited to single storey buildings because of the bracket positioning, we have awnings that can be made so they can cover an area of up to 12m wide with a projection of 4m...

If in doubt, ensure you ask a local awning supplier for a free survey where the installation grounds can be looked at closely and a plan made for how an awning might be installed. Be safe - don't take chances with the installation - these things can weigh a great deal.


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